Magnolia Bakery Pudding

What I Got: Classic Banana Pudding, Apple Crisp Pudding (November), Pumpkin Spice Pudding (October), Carrot Cake Pudding (April)

Price: $$

Location: NYC


Banana Pudding – This pudding is vanilla pudding with bananas and Nilla Wafers.  I am a big banana pudding fan.  Magnolia bakery makes a great banana pudding.  It is not super unique or crazy.  It’s just REALLY GOOD banana pudding, and that’s exactly what I want.  Some people are underwhelmed by the pudding, but I think those people don’t actually like banana pudding. The pudding is creamy and rich while also being whipped and airy.  The bananas are soft and sweet.  The Nilla Wafers add delicious, crumbly cookie goodness.  I find it to be absolutely perfect.

Apple Crisp – This pudding is vanilla pudding with Nilla Wafers, apples, and cinnamon.   The apples are cinnamony, soft, refreshing, and syrupy.  The pudding is creamy and whipped to airy perfection.  The Nilla Wafers are crumbly and delicious.  This is the lightest out of the three puddings I’ve tasted because the apples strewn throughout the pudding add a refreshing, bright flavor.  It was a wonderful fall treat!

Pumpkin Spice – This pudding is a spiced pumpkin flavored pudding with cookie butter and Nilla Wafers.  The pudding was smooth, whipped, and airy and had an excellent real, not too sweet pumpkin flavor.  The cookie butter was mixed into the pudding, and I did not really taste it (which I didn’t mind).  It must have simply added to the flavor and texture of the pudding.  I was worried the cookie butter would make the pudding overly sweet and decadent, but it definitely did not.  The Nilla Wafers were delicious as always, and the vanilla flavor complimented and balanced out the pumpkin pudding base.  I have heard some people say it is too heavy to eat more than a bite, but I could have easily eaten the entire large container.  I found it quite light since it is whipped.  I can’t wait to get more next October.

Carrot Cake Pudding – Carrot Cake Banana pudding is vanilla pudding with fresh baked carrot cake.  It was even better than I expected!  I worried there would be too much carrot cake and not enough pudding.  There was the perfect ratio of airy, creamy whipped banana pudding to delicious carrot cake.  The bits of cake included a generous amount of crisp, sweet shredded carrot and soft, sweet raisins as well as some crunchy walnuts.  If you are a fan of carrot cake, you must try it!  It is the perfect pick-me-up on a cloudy spring day!

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