Beatnic VEGAN Thanksgiving Sandwich

What I Got: Gobble Gobble Sandwich

Price: $$

Location: NYC


The Gobble Gobble is a vegan Thanksgiving leftover sandwich!  Don’t even read my review.  Go get it right now!  Go.  Right now.  It’s really that good!

The Gobble Gobble includes seitan, sauteed kale, harvest stuffing, rosemary gravy, and fresh cranberry sauce on a potato bun. It is everything I hoped for.  It was glorious!  If you haven’t had seitan, it is a meat alternative made of wheat gluten.  It has a meat-like chew to it and has a flavor that is quite similar to turkey with gravy.  It is okay alone, but on the sandwich with other ingredients it adds the perfect flavor and texture.  You wouldn’t even notice it’s not turkey.  The kale adds a slight crunch and a nice earthy flavor.  The stuffing is just soft enough without being completely mushy.  It has a wonderful salty, herby flavor.  The gravy tastes just like delicious turkey gravy and compliments the stuffing and seitan.  The cranberry sauce perfectly tops it all off with the perfect balance of sweet and tart.  The ingredients are generously piled on to the fluffy potato bun.  It was absolutely delectable.  The sandwich is available through November 27th.  You MUST get it!  IT’S A VEGAN THANKSGIVING LEFTOVER SANDWICH!

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