What I Got: Lysée X From Roy Panettone, Corn Mousse Cake, Corn Brioche, Chestnut Brioche, Lysée Mousse Cake, Apple-Yuma Tart, Kouign Amann, Cake Collection, Sweet Potato Latte, Apple-Yuja Juice, Brown Rice Milk

Price: $$$-$$$$

Location: NYC


If you are going to go to one dessert shop in NYC, make it Lysée. Lysée’s high-end desserts are creative, beautiful, and delicious. These desserts are without a doubt some of the best I have ever eaten. They are on the pricey side, but they are worth it. To me, these desserts are priceless. You cannot find desserts more artful and incredible than these. I consider myself truly lucky to have gotten to visit Lysée.

Panettone – This limited batch panettone made in collaboration with From Roy is a passion fruit, milk chocolate, caramel panettone topped with a black sesame crumble. The moment you cut into the panettone you know you are in for a treat.  It has gorgeous air holes which show it was made with healthy, high quality sourdough.  The texture is simply heavenly.  It is lighter, flakier, softer, and more moist and buttery than anything you could ever imagine.  The panettone itself has an amazing sweet, tart passion fruit flavor that comes through alongside the distinct, sweet panettone flavor.  Bits of milk chocolate and caramel are scattered throughout.  The milk chocolate is creamy and melts in your mouth.  The caramel is gooey and buttery which enhances the delectable textures of the panettone.  The cocoa flavor of the chocolate and the sweet caramel are light enough that they compliment the tropical flavors of the passion fruit without clashing with it.  The black sesame crumble is wonderfully nutty, earthy, rich, and sweet.  As I expected, it went perfectly with the passion fruit flavored panettone and added a crumbly texture that melts smooth in your mouth.  The four flavors all come together beautifully.  I can say without a doubt this panettone was the most delicious thing to ever enter my mouth.  It was so good I almost shed a tear (almost).  Panettone this incredible cannot be found just anywhere.  I will definitely be ordering from From Roy in the future.  If Lysée ever collaborates again, do not miss out!

Corn – The corn mousse cake is a specialty dessert at Lysée.  It contains corn mousse and grilled corn cream with sablé cookie.  It is shaped like an adorable ear of corn!  The little pastry kernels of corn on the outside create a crunchy exterior to contrast the smooth, creamy mousse interior.  The mousse has an amazing light, sweet corn flavor with a hint of savory corn flavor.  I believe this slightly savory flavor must come from the grilled corn cream.  The combination of the sweet and savory flavor is so interesting.  It still remains a sweet dessert, but as the cream melts on your tongue you get a hint of the flavor you would get from a bite of grilled corn.  This brings out the corn flavor and balances out the sweetness.  The corn has a crunchy cookie center with a caramelized, toffee-like flavor.  It adds a fantastic layer of texture and flavor.  The corn mousse cake is a delicious, light, and unique dessert.  I love corn, and I have dreamed of eating this dessert for a long time.  It was everything I hoped for.  If you love corn as much as I do, you must try it!

Corn brioche – The corn brioche is a French brioche with corn cremeux and a corn crumble topping. The brioche is incredibly fluffy and moist. It is the best brioche I’ve ever had.  It is like biting into a cloud.  The corn cream inside was lusciously creamy and smooth.  It really tasted like sweet corn!  The corn flavor was mild enough to not become overpowering, so don’t be afraid.  The topping added more corn flavor and was perfectly sweet and salty. I love corn so much!  The corn brioche perfectly satisfied my love of corn.  My mouth is watering just thinking about it.  

Chestnut Brioche – The chestnut brioche is a French brioche topped with chestnut crumbles and a candied chestnut, filled with chestnut cream.  This brioche made me say one thing over and over, “Wow”.  From seeing the brioche in all its glory, to cutting through the cloud-like brioche, to tasting my first bite, all I can say is, “Wow”.  The brioche itself is perfectly fluffy and moist.  The chestnut cream is incredible.  It is almost like chestnut butter.  It is packed with sweet, buttery chestnut flavor and retains the light, smooth texture of chestnuts.  The crumble on top is wonderfully crunchy and sweet with a hint of saltiness.  The candied chestnut on top is soft, sweet, and chestnutty.  I cut it into little pieces, so I could enjoy it with each of my bites of the brioche.  The chestnut flavor in this brioche is so special and delicious!  I have tried many chestnut flavored things over the winter.  This might be my favorite.

Lysée Mousse Cake – The Lysée mousse cake is a Korean toasted brown rice mousse with caramel, elliot pecan sablé, and praliné.  The mousse is creamy and light with an amazing earthy, nutty, sweet brown rice flavor.  It is cool and refreshing on your tongue.  The brown rice flavor is so unique and interesting in a dessert.  The toasted flavor balances out the sweetness which makes the flavor so satisfying.  Inside the mousse, there is crunchy pecan sablé cookie with gooey caramel. The interior has great texture and deep, rich flavors that compliment the mousse.   This is Lysée’s signature dessert and it earns that place by being unique, gorgeous, and delicious.

Apple-Yuja Tart – The Apple-Yuja Tart includes yuja cream, apple compote, omija jelly, and fresh apple in a tart shell.  This tart is so special because of the unique yuja flavor (you may also know it as yuzu).  I love yuja because it has a citrus flavor similar to lemon but has a distinct bitter flavor that is so complex and delicious.  The yuja cream is light and has the perfect amount of flavor.  The apple compote and crisp apple slices are sweet and refreshing.  The omija (magnolia berry) jelly is sweet and adds a fun texture.  The tart shell is thin, crisp, and flaky.  This tart was so incredible I can’t even express it in words!  The yuja flavor shines through beautifully while the sweet apple balances out its bitter flavor.  

 Kouign Amann – The Kouign Amann is a French pastry made with french Isigny butter.  This is a very difficult pastry to make and, no surprise, Lysée did an incredible job.  The outside is coated in sugar giving it a sweet, slightly hard shell. The inside is airy and light.  It is subtly sweet and so incredibly flaky and buttery.  It is a gorgeous pastry.

Cake Collection – Lysée’s cake collection contains a marble cake, a carrot cake, and a yuja cake.  The marble cake is moist and dense with a balance of incredible dark chocolate cake and delicate vanilla cake.  It is coated with a rich chocolate and caramel glaze.  There is a crunchy chocolate topping that adds great texture.  It is perfect for chocolate lovers. The carrot cake is moist and just dense enough with perfect sweet, spiced carrot flavor.  It is speckled with delicious raisins and pecans.  The yuja cake is a yuja pound cake with a yuja glaze.  It is so incredibly moist because of the meyer lemon confit it is soaked with.  The sweet, bitter yuja flavor comes through beautifully.  Each cake was delicious and carefully crafted to be the best quality.

Sweet Potato Latte – The Sweet Potato Latte was sweet, earthy and delicious.  The non-dairy milk was creamy and perfectly frothed.  The subtle, genuine sweet potato flavor comes through and gives the drink a richness and depth.  It is topped off with cinnamon which perfectly compliments the sweet potato.  This is a really unique and delicious latte you must try if you like sweet potatoes.  It was delightful.

Apple-Yuja Juice – The Apple-Yuja juice is so refreshing and unique.  There is the perfect amount of delicious yuja flavor and sweet apple to balance out the bitterness of the yuja but not overpower it.  It is the perfect drink on a hot day. 

Brown Rice Milk – The Brown Rice Milk is a toasted brown rice infused milk with French sea salt and Madagascar vanilla bean.  The milk is creamy and luxurious.  The brown rice flavor is nutty, earthy, and sweet.  This is the perfect unique drink to have alongside your dessert at Lysée.

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