Goodway Gourmet Bakery Rum Cake

What I Got: Coconut Butter Rum Cake, Malibu Rum Cake

Price: $$

Location: Bakery in Troy, NY with appearances at markets and fairs in NYC, NJ, upstate NY, and shipping from their online store


I have always been a fan of rum cake ever since I was little.  I have eaten my share of rum cakes, and Goodway Gourmet Bakery makes some of the most delicious rum cake I’ve ever had!  I cannot get enough!  Every cake is soaked in a delectable  rum syrup that makes each rich, buttery cake super moist and delicious.  The cakes last quite a while and can even be frozen which makes them a great gift.  You can follow Goodway Gourmet on social media to find out what events they are attending or order online if you can’t wait until they are near you.  Although you cannot go wrong, my favorite flavors are the Coconut Butter Rum Cake and the Malibu Rum Cake.

Coconut Butter Rum Cake – The Coconut Butter Rum Cake is a coconut flavored rum cake made with real coconut milk.  The cake is rich, buttery, and luscious.  It is saturated in a sweet rum syrup that makes it incredibly moist.  The genuine coconut flavor comes through beautifully and compliments the delicious rum flavor.  You will not find a better coconut rum cake.

Malibu Rum Cake – The Malibu Rum Cake is a rum cake with coconut, crushed pineapple, and cinnamon with Malibu rum. This is the most flavor-packed rum cake I have ever had. The combination of the coconut, pineapple, and cinnamon create a harmony of tropical flavor. The cake is soaked in sweet Malibu rum syrup that gives it a gorgeous moist, velvety texture. It is great warm or room temperature. I especially love topping it with coconut flakes! If you are a fan of piña coladas and rum cake, this is the cake for you!

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