DIG (Dig Inn) *Including Fall Specials*

What I Got: Spicy Lime Leaf Salmon Bowl, Mac and Cheese with Hot Honey (side), Grilled Tofu with Sriracha (side), Autumn Chop, The fall Harvest

Price: $$

Location: NYC


Spicy Lime Leaf Salmon Bowl –  Out of all the items I’ve tried, it is the most expensive, but that can be expected of a salmon dish.  It is made with wild Alaskan salmon, which I love, because wild salmon tastes amazing and is better for you. The salmon comes with the skin which makes it even better!  It comes with charred broccoli with lemon, half an avocado, lime leaf napa cabbage, brown rice, and sriracha.  This is my favorite meal from DIG.  The broccoli is charred to a brown perfection. The cabbage adds a brightness to the dish.  It comes with an entire avocado half is a plus!  The bowl has the perfect amount of spice from the sriracha.  This dish comes warm.  It is best to eat while hot because the cabbage is fresh and becomes soggy in the microwave if reheated.  

Mac and Cheese with Hot Honey and Grilled Tofu with Sriracha –  The mac and cheese is made with a three cheese blend, whole-wheat pasta, and panko breadcrumbs.  The cheese has a delicious medium white cheddar flavor, and the breadcrumbs add a nice crunch.  The cheese is just enough to coat the pasta, so it is not overly decadent.  The whole-wheat pasta does not create a very noticeable difference in flavor from regular pasta.  My mac and cheese did not come with the hot honey, but I can imagine it would have added a nice kick.  The grilled tofu was a nice addition to my meal.  It comes with roasted onion, pickled pepper relish, and sriracha.  The pepper relish, onion, and sriracha add great flavor to the tofu.  The grill on the tofu does not crisp it up as much as I wish it would, but I still enjoyed it.  These sides are easy to reheat and make for a great light meal.

Autumn Chop and The Fall Harvest –  These are both seasonal dishes.  The Autumn Chop is a salad that includes apples, grapes, candied walnuts, celery, parmesan, spiced farro with butternut squash, butternut squash slaw, farm greens with mint, and balsamic dressing.  Candied sunflower seeds come on the side to sprinkle on top.  I love salads with fruit and grains.  The apples and grapes add a brightness to the salad while the farro adds a heartiness.  This was a great fall treat.  The Fall Harvest is a warm bowl that includes chili crisp brussels sprouts, sheet tray carrots, fall orchard (apples, grapes, celery, candied walnuts, shaved parmesan, parsley, lemon, and EVOO), spiced farro with butternut squash, and garlic aioli on the side.  The fresh ingredients in the fall orchard make the bowl not ideal to reheat (although it is not bad cold). It has many of the same ingredients as the Autumn Chop giving it a similar flavor profile. The brussels sprouts add a nice crispness and savoriness while the carrots compliment the butternut squash.  Both dishes contain a special fall ingredient: spiced farro with butternut squash, which is absolutely delicious.  The spices add wonderful flavor to the already delicious farro. The butternut squash adds a nutty, sweet taste of fall.  Both dishes are great, but I tend to choose The Fall Harvest over the Autumn Chop because the warm bowl comes with more of that delicious farro. 

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