Two Wheels Vietnamese

What I Got: Vietnamese Crepe with Crispy Tofu, Signature Banh Mi with Chargrilled Pork, Vermicelli Bowl with Crispy Tofu

Price: $$

Location: NYC


Vietnamese Crepe with Crispy Tofu – The Vietnamese crepes are like a cross between a crepe and a taco.  They include a crispy turmeric and coconut milk rice flour crepe with bean sprouts, lettuce, herbs, a protein, and nuoc mam vinaigrette.  It comes with two crepes.  The choices of protein are crispy tofu, chargrilled pork, lemongrass chicken, or sugarcane shrimp (which costs extra).  The crepe is like a unique version of a hard taco shell and perfectly compliments the flavors of the fillings.  The crispy tofu is covered in a perfectly light coating of crispy batter.  The lettuce and bean sprouts add freshness to the crepe, and the herbs bring an extra delicious level to the flavors.  The nuoc mam vinaigrette was light, citrusy, and subtly fishy. It’s so good I could drink it.  The vinaigrette went very well with the crepes, adding a bright and refreshing taste.  It also adds an excellent hint of spice.  These crepes are like an extra special taco, and I absolutely love them for that! They are best eaten immediately while at maximum crispness.

Signature Banh Mi with Chargrilled Pork – I love a good banh mi, and this one went above my expectations.  It is served on a fresh French Baguette with pickled daikon and carrot, mayonnaise, a protein, cucumber, cilantro, and jalapeno.  The choices of protein are crispy tofu, herb-roasted carrot, chargrilled pork, lemongrass chicken, ham and house-made chicken pate, or marinated steak (which costs extra).  First of all, the baguette was wonderful.  It was perfectly soft and airy on the inside and crusty on the outside. It was also a generous size.  The pork was tender and seasoned very nicely.  The daikon, carrots, cilantro, and cucumber balanced out the salty pork.  The mayo, of course, was good old mayo.  The slices of jalapeno inside added a kick of heat with each bite.  It was a perfect, delicious Banh Mi.  

Vermicelli Bowl with Crispy Tofu – After constantly eating rice bowls, the Vermicelli Bowl was a delicious alternative.  The bowl comes with cold vermicelli noodles, house salad, a protein, pickled daikon and carrot, nuoc mam vinaigrette, and roasted peanuts on top.  The choices of protein are crispy tofu, chargrilled pork, lemongrass chicken, or sugarcane shrimp (which costs extra).  I had to go with the tofu again because the light batter makes it so delicious.  The vermicelli noodles are smooth, slightly sweet, and delicious.   The salad, daikon, carrots, and peanuts add a wonderful crunch and flavor to the noodles.  The vinaigrette coats the noodles and compliments them with its great citrusy, spicy, subtly fishy flavor.  All the ingredients come together to make a light, refreshing bowl.  The portion was a great size as well.  This dish can be stored in the fridge and eaten later in the day which is a plus.

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