What I Got: Vegetariana Quesadilla, Vegana Burrito, Seared Fish a la Plancha Taco, Black Bean and Sweet Potato Taco, Esquites, Horchata

Price: $$

Location: NYC


Vegetariana Quesadilla – The Vegetariana Quesadilla is made with sautéed field mushrooms, melted oaxaca cheese, dried chile salsa, cilantro, and fresh onion.  It is served open faced.  The oaxaca cheese is deliciously melty, gooey, buttery, and mild.  It serves as a great base.  The mushrooms are cooked to tender perfection and add delicious umami flavor to the quesadilla.  The cilantro and onion add a crunch and freshness to the dish.  The chile salsa adds a great kick of spice that is not overwhelming. This is a delicious and flavor filled quesadilla.

Vegana Burrito – The Vegana Burrito includes roasted sweet potato, kale, poblano rajas, dried chili salsa, rice, beans, cabbage, and spicy escabeche.  The burrito is a nice sized, stuffed burrito which I was not expecting because the prices are very reasonable.  The sweet potato adds a great subtle sweetness to balance out the other spicy and savory ingredients.  The kale is tender and slightly citrusy which adds a brightness to the burrito.  The rice, beans, and cabbage serve as an excellent classic burrito base. The poblanos, chili salsa, and spicy escabeche ensure each bite is perfectly spicy.  This burrito contains all the delicious qualities of a burrito without being too heavy.

Seared Fish a la Plancha Taco – The seared fish tacos include seared cod marinated in a mojo de cilantro with red and green cabbage, cilantro, and dry chile salsa on a fresh corn tortilla.  The fish is flaky, mild, and slightly salty with a hint of cilantro flavor.  The cabbage and cilantro balance it out with freshness.  The chili salsa adds some spice.  The fresh corn tortilla is delicious and does not break open.  It is a perfect, light fish taco.

Black Bean and Sweet Potato Taco – The Black Bean and Sweet Potato Taco includes refried black beans with roasted sweet potatoes, queso fresco, and dried chile salsa on a fresh corn tortilla.  I love beans and sweet potatoes, so this taco brings me joy.  The tortilla is covered in smooth, earthy, slightly salty refried beans and filled with roasted sweet potatoes.  The queso fresco adds a touch of its milky goodness and the chili salsa makes sure you are not lacking spice.  

Esquites – The esquites include corn cut from the cob with cotija cheese, homemade morita mayo, chile powder, and fresh lime.  These esquites are absolutely delicious.  They are my favorite thing from Tacombi.  The corn is incredibly sweet and crisp.  The morita mayo is creamy, spicy, and coats the corn to add another level of deliciousness.  The cotija cheese compliments the mayo and corn with its saltiness.  The fresh lime cuts through the salty, spicy, creamy flavors with its citrusy brightness.  It is a perfect harmony of flavors and textures.  The serving may be enough for two, but you will not want to share.

Horchata – Horchata is a cinnamon rice milk.  This one is made with rice and almond milk.  The rice flavor came through very nicely, and it was perfectly sweetened.  I always love a delicious refreshing horchata, and this was up to par.

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