Minamoto Kitchoan (K. Minamoto) *Winter*

What I Got: Oribenishiki, Gozenguri, Kuri Daifuku, Suikanshuku, Tsuyaguri, Chestnut Financier, Chestnut (Marron) Pudding, Pear Jelly, Usagi San, Matcha Ayashirabe

Price: $$ to $$$$

Location: NYC


K. Minamoto is really special. Everything is so unique and interesting. Although the items are on the expensive side, they are truly an incredible treat that is worth splurging on now and then. Everything is beautiful to look at and interesting to taste. They have gift boxes that contain a variety of their items and are a beautiful and unique gift to give for any occasion.

Oribenishiki – The Oribenishiki is made of sweet potato paste with chopped chestnuts and sweet red bean paste wrapped in a Japanese style cake.  The sweet potato and red bean are smooth, creamy, earthy, and perfectly sweet.  The flavor from the bits of chestnut come through subtly, and it adds a unique texture.  The thin layer of cake surrounding the paste is flaky and slightly sweet.  It perfectly complements the ingredients inside without overpowering them.  Not to mention, there is a gorgeous flower decoration on top.  This is a delicious and beautiful treat.

Gozenguri – The Gozenguri is a delicious chestnutty treat.  It is made of a whole chestnut covered with chestnut flavored white bean paste and wrapped in soft mochi rice cake covered with chestnut sprinkles.  The light, sweet chestnut flavor comes through beautifully.  The chestnut in the center adds texture while the thin layer of mochi and white bean paste filling are soft and smooth.  The chestnut sprinkles add a fun, slightly crunchy texture.  The chestnut, white bean paste, and sprinkles are all packed with real chestnut flavor. This is a great mixture of textures and wonderful, sweet chestnut!

Kuri Daifuku – The Kuri Daifuku is made from a whole chestnut  wrapped in sweet red bean paste and soft mochi rice cake.  The chestnut inside is flavorful and delicious.  The red bean adds sweetness and compliments the chestnut while not overpowering it.  The nice layer of mochi is perfectly soft and chewy.  This delicious mochi treat is elevated to the next level by the chestnut inside.

Suikanshuku – The Suikanshuku is whole dried saijo persimmon filled with sweet white bean paste. It even includes the stem which I find so cool!   The persimmon was sweet and chewy with its delicate, honey-like flavor.  The white bean is smooth and sweet. It compliments the persimmon and transforms the dried fruit into a sweet dessert.  I have become absolutely obsessed with persimmons this fall, and this was a perfect fall treat!

Tsuyaguri – The tsuyaguri is made from a candied chestnut covered in sweet bean paste.  The candied chestnut is extra sweet and packed with flavor.  The sweet bean paste is smooth, not too sweet, and has a slightly jelly-like texture.  This was very interesting and different from anything I’ve ever had.  It is light and truly shows off the unique texture of the chestnut which I love.

Chestnut Financier – The chestnut financier is made from madeleine cake with a chestnut baked on top.  The cake is perfectly buttery, nutty, and moist. It pairs perfectly with the delicious chestnut on top. This is among the best madeleines I’ve ever had.   It is truly wonderful and can be enjoyed by anyone!

Chestnut Pudding – The chestnut pudding is a soy milk pudding with caramel sauce on top.  It has a slightly softer texture than flan that is light and melts in your mouth.  The pure, subtly sweet chestnut flavor comes through beautifully. The caramel on top adds a hint of sweet, deep, rich flavor that is balanced by the light pudding. This dessert is truly special.  I would consider it one of the top things I’ve ever eaten because it is so unique and delicious.

Pear jelly – The pear jelly is made from a smooth mousse with real, chopped pear on top. It is a smooth and silky gelatine-like dessert.  The pear flavor is very refreshing and not at all artificial.  The real pear on top adds nice texture.  It is light and delicious just like a pear.

Usagi San – The usagi san is an adorable bunny-shaped cake filled with white bean paste and yuzu.  The paste is soft and smooth, and the bits of chewy yuzu come through with its delicious citrusy, slightly bitter flavor.  The thin layer of cake is nice and flaky.  If you are a fan of yuzu, this is a special treat for the eyes and taste buds!

Matcha Ayashirabe – The Matcha Ayashirabe is made from matcha flavored milky white bean paste wrapped in Japanese cake.  The white bean is soft, smooth, buttery, and just sweet enough.  The delicious, earthy matcha flavor in the paste comes through perfectly.   The layer of cake is slightly thicker, so you get to enjoy more of its flaky goodness. This is a great first dessert to try if you have never had Japanese cakes or are scared to try something too adventurous.  If you are a matcha fan, you must try it. I am always looking for matcha flavored desserts because I am absolutely obsessed with matcha. This is one of my favorites. The flavor comes through without being so overwhelming that the it becomes unpleasant. They also come in a plain white bean flavor for those who don’t enjoy matcha. 

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