Mama Ganoush

What I Got: Veggie Duo Street Pita, Loaded Cauliflower Bowl, Heirloom Beets

Price: $$

Location: NYC


Veggie Duo Street Pita – The veggie duo street pita includes cauliflower steak, chickpea croquettes, hummus, spicy hummus, charred eggplant, marinated chickpeas, julienne carrots, cucumber, tomato, pickles, lemon tahini, and sunflower seed harissa on a puffy pita sprinkled with za’atar, sesame seeds, and EVOO.  The sandwich can also be ordered as a bowl with kale and cracked barley wheat as its base.  I love this as a sandwich because it is LOADED.  The pita is soft and the za’atar adds a great herbed flavor.  The cauliflower steak is cooked just enough, so it is still a bit crunchy which adds great texture.  The chickpea croquettes are like extra special falafel filled with different ingredients.  It is not specified what is in them, but there seems to be pieces of tomatoes and other yummy veggies inside.  The carrots, cucumber, tomato, and pickles add excellent crunch and freshness to the pita.  The charred eggplant and chickpeas add another layer of flavor to the monstrous sandwich.  The hummus is deliciously creamy.  The tahini is wonderfully tangy while the harissa adds a great kick of spice.  I love drowning my sandwich in both sauces because they are a delicious combination.  Eating this veggie packed pita is always a bit messy, but I don’t mind because it is just so good!

Loaded Cauliflower Bowl – The Loaded Cauliflower Bowl is a kale and cracked barley wheat bowl with hummus, tomato, pickles, toasted nuts, za’atar, lemon tahini, charred jalapeño and cilantro dressing.  The bowl can also be ordered as a street pita sandwich (minus the kale and barley).   The kale and barley serve as a great hearty base.  I especially love the chewy, nutty barley.  The cauliflower is cooked yet crunchy just like the cauliflower in the sandwich.  I like that it is crunchy because it adds an interesting texture.  When I got this bowl, a good portion of the cauliflower was the stalk because the bowl is served with a single, hulking piece of cauliflower. Some people don’t enjoy that, but I found the stalk crunchy and delicious.  The hummus, tahini, and dressing all mixed together to wonderfully coat all the ingredients in the bowl with amazing savory, tangy, spicy flavor.  The tomato and pickles added freshness while the nuts added an amazing crunch. The herby za’atar topped it all off.  This is a nice bowl and great alternative to regular old salad bowls because of its Mediterranean twist.  It has so many great flavors and textures that make it very enjoyable.

Heirloom Beets – The heirloom beets are simply a side of roasted beets.  I had to mention them because they were just so good.  The beets were cooked to perfection.  They were soft and silky but still had some bite to them.  And they were so deliciously sweet.  I am a huge beet fan, and if you like beets too you must get them on the side!

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