Sweet Tooth NYC

What I Got: Oreo Cone

Price: $$

Location: NYC


Sweet Tooth can be found at the Bryant Park Winter Village and a stand near Rockefeller Center when the Winter Village is not running.  They make pastry cones filled with a cheesecake cream.  It is a great cold weather treat because it is a similar eating experience to ice cream, but it is less cold.  The flavors they offer are Oreo, strawberry, s’mores, and caramel.

Oreo Cone – The Oreo cone is a pastry cone filled with vanilla cheesecake cream with Oreos, chocolate sauce, and dark chocolate sprinkles.  The cone is like a hollowed out croissant.  It is wonderfully flaky and buttery.  The best part is the cream.  It tastes just like vanilla cheesecake.  It is wonderfully smooth and creamy.  The cream is whipped, so it is slightly lighter than cheesecake.  The cream and cone taste great together.  Just imagine a cheesecake filled croissant: a flaky buttery pastry filled with creamy cheesecake goodness.  The Oreos and sprinkles compliment the smooth, delicately flavored cream with their crunch and chocolate flavor.  The chocolate sauce brings another layer of chocolate flavor without overpowering the vanilla cream.  If you love cheesecake, you will absolutely love a Sweet Tooth cone.  It was so delicious I may have to go back and try the other flavors.

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