Donut Plant

What I Got: Coconut Cream Yeast Donut, Mint Chocolate Yeast Donut, Gingerbread Cake Donut, Marzipan Cake Donut

Price: $$

Location: NYC


Coconut Cream Yeast Donut – This donut is a yeast leavened donut with a coconut glaze and a coconut cream filling.  I got my donuts in December, so this one was shaped like an adorable snowman.  The Coconut Cream Donut is available throughout the year in normal donut form.  It is always a generous size as all the yeast donuts are quite large.  The donut itself is beautifully fluffy and airy since it is a leavened donut.  The coconut glaze is made with real shredded coconut, so it has amazing real coconut flavor and texture.  The coconut cream is made with fresh coconut milk.  It is delightfully light, creamy, and smooth.  It has a genuine coconut flavor that is just sweet enough .  The creamy filling and airy donut are a perfect pair.  This is the best coconut donut I’ve had because of its amazing fresh coconut flavor. The snowman shape made it extra fun too!

Mint Chocolate Yeast Donut – This donut is a yeast leavened donut with a mint glaze and a chocolate filling.  This donut is available in December in the shape of a Christmas tree.  It may be available other times in the year in other forms.  The base donut is the same wonderful airy donut as the Coconut Cream Donut.  The glaze has a great fresh mint flavor that stands up against the donut and filling without being overpowering.  The chocolate cream has a nice milk chocolate flavor.  It is creamy, smooth, and pipped throughout the donut in just the right amount, so you get just enough chocolate flavor in each bite.  The mint glaze and chocolate come together to make a delicious combination.  If you like anything mint chocolate chip, this is the donut for you.

Gingerbread Cake Donut – This donut is a ginger flavored cake donut with a ginger glaze containing pieces of candied ginger.  It is a December seasonal donut but can currently be found in Donut Plant’s ginger Wonder Wheel (a donut ice cream sandwich).  The cake donuts are more dense and moist than the yeast donuts.  They are slightly smaller to account for this.  The Gingerbread Donut had a warm, spiced ginger flavor.  The glaze adds some sweetness, and the candied ginger brings a wonderful bright, slightly spicy ginger flavor and an excellent chewy texture.  I love candied ginger, so this extra level of ginger had me hooked.

Marzipan Cake Donut – This donut is a marzipan cake donut laced with blackberry jam and finished with a marzipan glaze. It is a December seasonal donut.  The base of this donut was incredibly moist.  There is real marzipan in the batter, so it had an excellent nutty flavor and velvety texture.  The blackberry jam could be found speckled throughout the donut.  It added a hint of fruitiness that balanced out the earthy flavor of the donut.  The glaze perfectly tops off the donut with extra nutty, sweet marzipan flavor.  The texture of this donut makes it one of my favorite cake donuts I’ve eaten.

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