What I Got: Ricotta & Prosciutto Tartine, Chestnut & Mushroom Soup, Brie and Fig Ficelle

Price: $$-$$$

Location: NYC 


Tartinary can be found in the dining section of Grand Central (and several other locations). It is my favorite lunch and dinner option in Grand Central.  Although it can be a bit pricey, the convenience of the location and quality of the food make it a great choice if you are traveling through Grand Central.  There is a take out counter and a sit down section.

Ricotta & Prosciutto Tartine – The Ricotta & Prosciutto Tartine is a slice of sourdough bread spread with a layer of ricotta and topped with prosciutto, honey glazed grapes and walnuts.  The slice of bread is a generous size and has a perfectly crusty exterior.  The ricotta is creamy and fresh.  It serves as a great base for the salty, delicious prosciutto.  The grapes that are cut in half and scattered over the tartine are crisp, juicy, and sweet.  They perfectly balance and compliment the salty and fatty flavors of the prosciutto.  The walnuts top it all off with their crunchy texture and earthy flavor.  The tartines are packaged in a sturdy paper box if you take them to go, so this is a great quick meal that does not lack in deliciousness.

Chestnut & Mushroom Soup – The Chestnut & Mushroom soup is a wonderfully smooth and flavorful soup.  It is perfectly creamy while remaining light.  The mushroom brings a wonderful umami flavor.  The chestnut pairs perfectly with the mushroom adding a light, buttery, and subtly sweet flavor.  This is a delicious soup that is perfect for a cold or rainy day.  It comes with two slices of toasted seven grain bread.  The bread is great for dipping in the soup and makes it a more substantial meal.

Brie and Fig Ficelle – The Brie and Fig Ficelle includes brie and fig jam on a ficelle (which is like a tiny baguette).  This sandwich is pre-made, so it is one of the quickest options at Tartinary.  You get it at room temperature or toasted.  The ficelle is wonderfully crusty on the outside and soft on the inside. The salty, creamy brie and sweet fig are the perfect duo.  This was a very tasty sandwich.  It is a great meal if you are on the go.

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