What I Got: Spiced Hot Chocolate, Lemon Tart

Price: $$ (For hot chocolate and food)

Location: NYC


I usually only focus on the flavor of what I try, but it is worth mentioning that MarieBelle is beautiful and adorable inside.  I went when it was decorated for winter.  It was a special winter treat to get to sit and enjoy a hot chocolate in the gorgeously decorated room.  There is often a wait to get a table, but it is worth it to experience the wonderful winter atmosphere.

Spiced Hot Chocolate – The Spiced Hot Chocolate is made with dark chocolate, chipotle, ancho chili, cinnamon, and nutmeg.   The dark chocolate flavor was wonderfully rich and deep without being bitter or too heavy.  The consistency was luxurious.  It was the creamiest, smoothest hot chocolate I’ve ever had.  It was thick enough to coat the spoon and bottom of the cup.  The chili and spices made it special.  It had just enough spice so that it was beautifully warm on the tongue without being hot.  The spiced flavor made the hot chocolate unique and delicious.  It was truly incredible. 

Lemon Tart – The lemon tart is a lemon curd tart with a meringue on top.  The crust is perfectly flaky and crumbly.  The lemon curd has the perfect balance of sweet and tart (pun intended).  The meringue on top is creamy and light.  It perfectly compliments the lemon curd.  This tart was a wonderful, light treat.

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