What I Got: Vanilla Zen latte, Mont Blanc latte, Secret Garden Donut

Price: $$$

Location: NYC


Matchaful is a healthy, wellness café centered around matcha.  I love this café because although I do love coffee, matcha does not get the appreciation and attention it deserves.  Matchaful has a variety of matcha drinks and matcha flavored foods that are absolutely delicious.  They have many unique matcha lattes that are fun and flavorful while still letting the matcha shine through.  The drinks and food are a bit pricey, but these top notch matcha products are worth a splurge now and then. .

Vanilla Zen – The Vanilla Zen contains matcha, vanilla, MTC (a type of coconut oil), ashwagandha (an herb meant to relieve stress), cinnamon, maple, and house-made oat milk. This was an incredible matcha latte. I do not like my matcha too sweet. This latte had the perfect touch of sweetness to balance out the bitterness in the matcha. The vanilla flavor came through and complimented the nutty notes of the matcha without overpowering it. The hint of cinnamon brought a delicious warmth. The delicate flavors of this latte make it absolutely delicious.

Mont Blanc – The Mont Blanc is a winter special at Matchaful that contains Hikari ceremonial matcha, vanilla, chestnut, date, coconut sugar, tocos, cacao butter, and house-made oat milk. I love chestnuts, so I was super excited about this latte. It was everything I hoped for. The latte was sweetened just enough to balance out the slight bitterness of the matcha. The chestnut complimented the matcha with its mildly sweet, buttery flavor. The chestnut and cacao butter made the latte extra creamy and smooth, while the delicious matcha flavor remained the star among all the delicious ingredients (as it should). It was an incredible and unique winter treat!

Secret Garden Donut – The Secret Garden Donut is a gluten-free donut with a cacao butter and cashew glaze sprinkled with rose and lavender. The donut itself is a cakey, moist donut. It is subtly sweet with a hint of almond flavor. The glaze melts in your mouth beautifully. The best part is the real rose and lavender on top that bring a gorgeous, delicate floral flavor. The donut pairs perfectly with a matcha latte.

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