Two Boots Pizza

What I Got: Super Vegan Pizza, Night Tripper Pizza, Vegan Mr. Pink Pizza

Price: $$

Location: NYC+


Two Boots pizza makes thin crust Cajun-Italian pizza. I am not usually a fan of thin crust pizza because I love a chewy, puffy pizza crust, but Two Boots has such flavorful pizza that I don’t mind the thin crust. The crust has a good flavor and some chew which makes up for the lack of crust as well. I have also tried the gluten free crust which has a good flavor as well. It is more crispy, but that is expected for any gluten-free crust. My favorite size pizza to get is their 10 inch personal pizza. It is a reasonable price, made to order, and a perfect size for one person.

Super Vegan – The super vegan pizza includes broccoli, artichokes, red onions, shiitake mushrooms, basil pesto, sweet red pepper pesto, Daiya non-dairy cheese, and vegan ricotta.  This is my favorite veggie pizza I’ve ever had.  It has a generous layer of a variety of delicious vegetables.  The mushroom and red onions are wonderfully savory. The broccoli is earthy and fresh.  I especially love the unique flavor of the artichokes that are perfectly tender and slightly lemony.  The basil pesto adds a bright, herby, and slightly garlicky flavor, while the red pepper pesto is sweet and slightly fruity which balances out the many savory flavors.  The non-dairy cheese is delicious and melty.  It is slightly less rich than mozzarella, but that did not take away from the pizza.  The vegan ricotta was nearly identical to real ricotta.  If you are a fan of veggies, this is the pizza for you (even if you aren’t vegan).  It is so delicious, I would eat an entire large pie if I could.

Night Tripper – The Night Tripper pizza includes sundried tomatoes, roasted garlic, and jalapeno pesto on a white pizza.  The sun dried tomatoes have a complex sweet, tart, concentrated tomato flavor that makes the pizza flavorful and interesting.  The jalapeno pesto adds a hint of spice and sweet, savory basil flavor that compliments the sun dried tomato.  Although the pesto contains jalapeno, I would say it has a mild amount of spice that most people could handle.  The roasted garlic brings it all together.  The mozzarella is perfectly milky and salty while the ricotta was wonderfully creamy.  This pizza is a great complex and slightly spicy twist on a traditional pesto pizza.

Vegan Mr. Pink – The vegan Mr. Pink pizza includes plant-based creole chicken, plum tomatoes, fresh garlic, and Daiya non-dairy cheese.  The Mr. Pink pizza is also available with non-vegan chicken and mozzarella cheese.  This is a very interesting pizza that reflects Two Boots’ Creole influence.  The plant based chicken is delicious with its spicy creole seasoning.  It has a flavor just like real chicken and a texture that is only slightly different.  If I didn’t know it was plant-based, I probably couldn’t tell the difference. The plum tomatoes are cooked to juicy perfection and balance out the salty, spicy chicken.  The garlic adds another layer of flavor that compliments both the tomato and chicken without being overpowering.  The non-dairy cheese is melty and delicious.  It has a slightly different flavor than mozzarella, but it still tasted great on the pizza. I love how the Mr. Pink combines Italian and Creole cuisine to create a unique and delicious pizza.  The best part is the incredibly flavorful seasoning on the chicken.

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