Voodoo Donut

What I Got: Universal Orangesicle, Bees Knees, Guava Colada

Price: $$

Location: Orlando, Florida (TX, CO, CA, OR)


I love fun donuts, and Voodoo Donut has an incredible variety of interesting and delicious flavored donuts.  I found them to be very reasonably priced compared to most large, specialty donuts (but maybe I’m just used to New York City prices).  There is usually a long line at Universal City Walk for these donuts.  Order ahead or wait in line.  They are worth it.

Universal Orangesicle – The Universal Orangesicle is an orange frosted yeasted donut filled with vanilla Bavarian cream and topped with chocolate spheres. It is shaped like a popsicle with a real popsicle stick inside (don’t worry it’s not difficult to eat around, and you can really hold it and eat it like a popsicle if you want). It can only be found in the Universal Voodoo Donut. The base of the donut is airy and light with the perfect amount of chewiness. The orange icing melts in your mouth with a sweet, light citrusy orange flavor. The Bavarian cream, piped generously throughout the donut, is wonderfully smooth and compliments the orange icing. The mini chocolate spheres are coated in a sugar shell that gives them a nice crunch. The hint of milk chocolate melds with the vanilla and orange flavors nicely. It is really like an orange creamsicle turned into a donut. If you love orange creamsicles, you will love this donut.

Bees Knees – The Bees Knees is a yeasted donut with vanilla frosting filled with honey lemon Bavarian cream.  The donut is light and chewy.  The honey lemon cream is perfectly sweet, citrusy, and velvety.  It is almost like an extra creamy lemon curd.  The vanilla icing compliments the lemon cream with its sweet, more delicate flavor.  Bavarian cream is so delicious, but it tends to be vanilla flavored.  The lemon Bavarian cream is truly delicious and makes this donut really special.

Guava Colada – The Guava Colada is a yeasted donut with vanilla icing covered in coconut and stuffed with guava filling.  The donut base is light and chewy.  The layer of sweet, just sticky enough icing holds mounds of sweet shredded coconut to the donut.  The coconut adds a wonderful crisp texture and compliments the guava filling with its sweet, nutty, milky flavor. The guava filling has an amazing genuine guava flavor.  It is gooey and sweet with a hint of tartness.  This donut lets the wonderful sweet, tropical flavor of the guava shine.  It was one of my favorite donuts I’ve ever had.  The rich coconut and fruity guava are incredible together, and a gorgeous donut is the perfect base for their delicious harmony.  My mouth waters just thinking about it.

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