Cross Culture Kombucha

Flavors: Original Green, Jasmine, Hibiscus Elderberry, Lemon Lavender, Black + White, Apple Chai (Seasonal), Hopped Peach (Seasonal)

Price: $$

Location: Danbury, CT and various stores in CT, MA, and NY


Cross Culture Kombucha makes the most delicious kombucha you will ever taste. It contains no fruit juice, so it has an amazing, pure, fresh flavor. Unlike products from mass produced kombucha brands, it is not vinegary or sour. Instead, it has a perfect, slightly tart flavor that comes from the fermentation process. I also find that their kombucha has the perfect amount of fizz to tickle your tastebuds without distracting from the flavor. This is the only kombucha I will drink because it is so superior to any other I’ve tried. There are a vast variety of flavors that can be found at their taproom in Danbury, Connecticut. As of now, 7 different flavors can be found in bottles at locations in Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New York. The following flavors are their bottled flavors:

Original Green – The Original Green kombucha is made with green tea.  It has a wonderful, light, refreshing flavor.  It has the perfect amount of subtle sweetness.  It is simple and perfect.  This is one of my favorite core flavors because it has such a crisp flavor.  It is also great to make mocktails with.  I like making a mocktail with 8 oz. of Original Green, 4 oz. of coconut water, a generous squeeze of lime, ice, and thinly sliced cucumber for a refreshing treat.

Jasmine – The Jasmine kombucha is made from a blend of jasmine and green tea. It is the most popular among people trying kombucha for the first time. First-time kombucha drinkers often find it has a similar flavor to grape juice. I find the jasmine tea gives it an amazing, subtle floral flavor as well that is wonderfully delicious. You can’t go wrong with a refreshing sip of Jasmine.

Hibiscus Elderberry – The Hibiscus Elderberry kombucha is made with green tea, hibiscus, and elderberries.  It has a bright and tart flavor.  It also has a beautiful pink hue. This is another favorite among many newer kombucha drinkers.

Lemon Lavender – The lemon lavender kombucha is made with green tea, butterfly pea flower, lemon, and lavender.  This kombucha has the perfect combination of citrus and floral flavors.  The lemon flavor brings a great, bright citrus flavor.  There is just enough lavender flavor to come through and compliment the lemon without becoming too strong.  The butterfly pea flower makes this kombucha special by giving it a gorgeous purple color.

Black + White – The Black + White kombucha is made with a blend of black assam and white peony tea.  This flavor is smooth, refreshing, and has delicious fruity notes.  It is another of my favorite core flavors because I love the fruity flavor the tea develops from the fermentation process.  There is a hint of a sweet apricot-like flavor with the delicious tea.

Apple Chai – The Apple Chai kombucha can be found in the late fall to winter.  It is made from black tea, masala chai, and apples (from Connecticut).  This flavor is simply delectable.  The sweet apple and hint of spices make it taste like fall in liquid form.  I would describe it as spiced apple cider turned into kombucha.  The chai flavor is light, so it is perfectly refreshing.

Hopped Peach – The Hopped Peach kombucha can be found in the late summer to fall.  It is made with peaches (from Connecticut) and hops.  The sweet peach balances the bitter, citrusy hops to make a unique and delicious kombucha.  It is a refreshing and satisfying sip.

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